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HKeeper The Future of Care Home Technology

The Care Home industry once overlooked by developers, HKeeper is leading the way in innovation. HKeeper was originally developed for the hospitality industry has gone through significant changes and customisation, securing a foothold in the Care Home industry. Closely working with Care Home providers in the UK and Europe HKeeper is able to provide significant evolution and opportunity for the Care Home sector working together to create a ecosystem where everyone within the business is connected! We no longer need to spend hours communicating by phone or walkie-talkie, wonder where housekeepers are up to on their daily tasks. HKeeper can bring benefits to everyone and help customers avoid jobs being missed, save time and money through automation.

HKeeper Single Dashboard Solution

When Business meets Technology

HKeeper believes that business integration is key for a successful digital transformation. We understand that business owners look for friendly, time-saving ways of managing data from multiple sources that could help them manages their business better. That is why we are proud to bring you a complete housekeeping management system that you can manage all your daily tasks, maintenance and communications from.

Management can control and monitor the Care Home from one system, alerting maintenance of work that needs carrying out and monitor staff and the time it takes to complete tasks. HKeeper ensures enhanced communication between not only housekeeping but all departments in the business in general. Schedule daily and weekly tasks and assign jobs to the correct department.

Its time to adopt the modern digital tech tools to provide a better service for your residents and there families. Innovation that saves time and money!


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Infinity Systems Software solutions
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